matec Maschinenbau GmbH

Our company is headquartered at Köngen
near Stuttgart, in the heart of the German
machine construction sector.

matec Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1992
by Erich Unger in Notzingen-Wellingen.

“My idea was to build machines that were better geared
to the needs of the user than the ones available on the
market at that time.”

Proceeding from the workpiece and the customers’ need
for multi-functionality, the founder directed his focus 
toward providing optimized solutions, and worked without
compromise to implement these. Erich Unger combines
technical know-how with creativity. This is what led to the
company’s expertise in developing customer-specific solutions.
A low degree of vertical integration resulted in high flexibility. 
Rapid growth led to a series of new challenges.

Since October 2001, matec has been operating out of its
premises on Wilhelm-Maier-Str. 3 in Köngen near Stuttgart. 
Administration, sales and manufacturing are all housed here.
Around 160 employees are spread over 3,000 m² of factory floor 
and office space. More than 140 highly complex machines leave
the Köngen plant each year, and the company plans to
significantly increase its capacity in the future.

The company is now a part of BFW Ltd., assuring the company’s
continued access to additional important international markets.

The company is well-positioned internationally, delivering 
machines to nearly every market on the globe.

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