JET Equipment & Tools

A wide range of world-famous brands, presented in conjunction with the equipment Jet, did not arise by chance, but was the result of the historical development of the brand. 

First name Jet appeared in the United States more than half a century ago in the distant 1958th year. Based in Seattle, the company JET Equipment & Tools took delivery of machines produced in Japan and quickly gained popularity. This success and wide recognition came to the 80 th year of the twentieth century, the same range of products has been expanded to Taiwan. 

An important event in the life of the company was merged with a large industrial concern, Walter Meier AG (Switzerland), occurred in 1988, the year. For Jet'a it was a step in the direction of Europe, for "Walter Meyer" - the first experience in the field of machine outside his native Switzerland, where the company has been given direction to 1937. Over time, were also acquired by the brand: Powermatic (USA) - a manufacturer of high quality woodworking machines and Wilton (USA), under which presents a vise and hand tools. 

These, as well as some other brands, for example, Maschtec, introduced by Walter Maier AG, started in 2003, the "springboard" to enter the global market. After the preparation period needed to adapt the equipment to the national standards of the Swiss engineering division, Jet appeared in Europe, in South Africa and Australia. In the same year started selling in Russia, where it was organized by a subsidiary of the "ITA-Petersburg". It is significant that at about the same time there was a crisis, and the native American market, where the brand Jet, together with the Powermatic has become the undisputed market leader in machines for small businesses, small shops and private workshops. 

10 years later, in 2013, the unit was allocated from the machine for general concern Walter Maier AG and came under the management of the newly created company JPW Tools AG (Switzerland), the acronym in the title and stands for: Jet, Powermatic and Wilton.

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