Doosan Corporation

To our esteemed shareholders and customers:

Doosan is Korea’s first modern company as well as its oldest, with 118 years of history. It is also a company that has gone through many changes and significant growth over the years. Especially over the last decade, we made many pioneering moves that enabled Doosan to solidify its position as a global Infrastructure Support Business (ISB) provider, with more than 42,600 employees in 38 countries. In short, Doosan is the oldest but the fastest-changing company in the nation.

Behind Doosan’s amazing achievements are our people. They are our most valuable asset and the foundation of all our goals. Our competitiveness and sustainable growth depends on them. This is why we emphasize “inhwa,” an approach that centers on fairness, care, and open communications. Our people-centric philosophies are well summed up in our 2G Strategy — Growth of People and Growth of Business. That 2G Strategy has driven our past successes and will guide us on our journey toward prosperity on the global stage. At the heart of the 2G Strategy is a virtuous cycle, as the growth of our people lays the foundation for the growth of the company, and vice-versa.

Over the years, Doosan has achieved robust and healthy growth based on a solid business portfolio and transparent financial structure. It is now preparing to take another leap forward through ceaseless innovation, strong fundamental competitiveness and technological advancement.

The people of Doosan are known for their limitless aspirations, their smart tenacity and drive, and for utilizing every available means to achieve their goals. I have no doubt in my mind that our “caring group of powerful people” will lead the way to an even brighter future for Doosan.

Doosan’s focus on maximizing our shareholder value will remain firm. Our governance has become even more transparent and stable since our conversion into a holding company. Doosan’s management system, centering on our board of directors, remains strong not only for Doosan Corporation but also its subsidiaries. As a business holding company, Doosan Corporation’s strategy is to maximize growth by focusing on core businesses with strong growth potential and profitability.

To fulfill our vision of becoming the “Proud Global Doosan”, our employees around the world are doing their utmost to maximize corporate value and deliver customer satisfaction. As the oldest company in Korea, we believe Doosan has the responsibility to be a role model for other companies. This is why we embrace our duty to give back to society and the communities around us.

We are here today thanks to the confidence and trust our shareholders and customers have in us. Our objective is to become a company that every shareholder and customer can be proud of. That is a commitment we solemnly pledge to all of you.

Thank you very much.

Chairman and CEO of Doosan Group
Yongmaan Park

Signature of Yongmaan Park

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