Metalúrgica Torrent, s.a (PINACHO)

We are the largest European manufacturer of conventional and CNC parallel horizontal lathes, with more than 55 years of experience in the manufacturing of machine-tools.

Our product range is extensive, covering machines with a center height of 165 to 500 millimeters; and distance between centers of 750 to 5,000 millimeters. Main motor power of 3 to 25 Kilowatts.

In our facilities covers a roofed surface of more than 20,000 m_, and an availability of future extensions of 150,000 m_.

With currently 130 employees we have a capacity of producing more than 3,000 machines per year, with CNC lathes accounting for a third of this production.

We have a large ratio of productivity in the manufacture of machines, which is obtained by a modern automated manufacturing production line backed up by highly skilled engineers in the design and manufacturing process.

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