Fehlmann AG Maschinenfabrik

The family owned company Fehlmann AG develops and produces precision machine tools for milling and drilling. Since its inception in 1930, more than 12,000 machine tools were delivered worldwide. Development, production and assembly take place with more than 180 employees exclusively in the parent factory Seon / Switzerland. Our own production line produced according to quality standard ISO 9001 In Fehlmann is not only mounted on the latest production parts and assemblies with high production depth are produced in optimally matched precision. Quality and high availability are guaranteed. 
The customer services are provided by our own specialist staff at headquarters Seon / Switzerland, at the offices Mönsheim / Germany and Suzhou / China PRC, as well as with local representatives. 

Headquarters in Seon / Switzerland 
Headquarters in Seon / Switzerland 
Most important asset of FEHLMANN are dedicated and competent staff, including guide bar. Progressive terms of employment, a long-term partnership and personnel policy guarantees the sustainable protection and enhancement of know-how within the company. Efficient production processes by flat hierarchies and short lines of communication are a must. FEHLMANN forms about 20 students from the professions Polymechaniker, automation engineer and businessman / businesswoman. 

Versa® 825 
Versa® 825 
We place special emphasis on the practicality of our products. For us are both the high-quality, accurate customer workpiece as well as the speed and maneuverability of the machine operation at the center. The balanced spectrum of products ranges from simple, manual drilling milling machine with CNC milling machines to high-performance machining centers and HSC milling machines. 




FEHLMANN machines are mainly used in the following applications: 

Production of small and medium-sized batches of high-precision parts 
Tool and Mold 
Precision Machine and Prototype 
Apprentice departments, schools, laboratories 
Assembly departments, repair and maintenance workshops 
  Main markets of FEHLMANN machines are: 

Precision Machine and apparatus construction 
Automotive and vehicle industries 
Electronics, Information and Electrical Engineering 
Diagnostic, measuring and Kontrollinstrumentenbau 
Medical / Prosthetics 
Watch and jewelery industry 
Food and packaging industry 
Aviation / aerospace industry and other

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