Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn DEFUM S.A. (AFM)

We are pleased to present you the offer of Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn DEFUM SA in Andrychów. Our products have been awarded several gold medals at Poznan International Fair, and are exported to Western Europe and America.

Our specialized machine stock and the experience and highly qualified staff continue to expand our range of services for processing elements of the material provided, as well as the installation of equipment and components used in various industries such as automotive, machine according to documentation provided by the customer.

We very much hope that the high quality of our products and professional services will make the cooperation with our company beneficial and satisfactory.


In mid-seventies, numerical control technology is launched in the plant. The first lathe manufactured in cooperation with the German company BOEHRINGER is TAE-32N, with SIEMENS numerical control.

At the turn of 1980/1990 AFM mainly produces universal lathes to foreign markets, and numerically controlled to the domestic market. The next decade is mainly the production of numerically controlled lathes and a wide range of services. Since 2000, AFM SA begins assembly of mechanical components - vertical CNC machining centers and CNC lathes for GILDEMEISTER group. At the same time it begins to produce vertical machining centers of its own design.

At the moment, AFM SA also produces numerically controlled mass centering machines, vertical CNC lathes, CNC gantry centers. Majority of the products is sold to manufacturers of components for the automotive industry.

A wide assortment of CNC lathes and vertical CNC centers and a range of optional accessories allow to configure the machine tool for specific customer needs. Setting up the lathe with the customer allows for full use of the advantages of machines sold provides the customer with the greatest benefit from the purchased machines.

Our quality is proven by the long-term presence of AFM SA machines in the domestic market and in the demanding markets of Western Europe and America.

In 2011 Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn S.A. took over the production of machine tools of Dąbrowska Fabryka Maszyn S.A., i.e. WFS130, DBM105, KND and the trademark DEFUM. 
As at 09.03.2012, the company changed its name from Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn DEFUM S.A.

We encourage you to read the extensive offer of our company.

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