With the initials LH (later ELHA) short for “Liemke Hövelhof”, our company originated around 1930 starting as a shop for electrical equipment and developing into a business building machine tools for the local wood- and metal working industry.

Today ELHA is renowned for machining centers, special purpose machining systems and production modules. Many industries, among them manufacturers of large bearings, automotive manufacturers and automotive supply industry rely on our experience and technological expertise in cutting technology and machine design made by ELHA.

Our 240 employees take pride in the continuous improvement of product- and service quality to guarantee reliability and maintainability. Customer- and employee satisfaction are top priorities of the ELHA business policy.

ELHA is your leading partner for XL manufacturing systems and production modules. ELHA machining systems are multifunctional, technologically trendsetting and have an outstanding quality. ELHA employees are enthusiastic professionals who accompany every step of your planned investment up to the commissioning and far beyond.

ELHA will not just deliver your perfect solution – we supply our enthusiasm on top of it free of charge.

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