WMW Machinery Company

Our logo “WMW” is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of high performance machine tools.

We at WMW Machinery Company are proud to continue this tradition by bringing to the marketplace a wide selection of machine tools. Our dedication to quality is ensured by comprehensive warranty protection on all of our products, as well as quick and responsive customer service. After over 40 years in the machine tools manufacturing world WMW Machinery Company continues to be the leading machine tool supplier worldwide.

1973: The parent company of WMW Machinery Company was established in USA as a distributor of machine tools, specialized in heavy machinery for metal cutting.

1973-1983: WMW Machinery Company distributed machine tools in the USA while expanding its operations to the entire North American continent.

1981: WMW Machinery Company becomes the exclusive trading house for WMW East Germany Machine Tools, which was a conglomerate of machine tools producers of East Germany, making WMW Machinery Company the only company legally allowed to trade under WMW trademark in the United States and North America.

1983-1993: WMW Machinery Company expands operations in South America, Europe and Asia.

1993-PRESENT: WMW Machinery Company continues to grow covering North America, South America, Asia and Europe. Today WMW Machinery Company is known for becoming one of the most reliable manufacturers of machine tools, known worldwide.

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