Stürmer Maschinen GmbH (HOLZSTAR Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen)

HOLZSTAR® offers the ambitious handyman a modern woodworking program the beginners class. 
Here you will find machines for various uses eg. Example the model construction, interior design, furniture, construction sites, toy making, crafts, etc. 
Our goal is to help you to facilitate your work with our products, so you do not have more joy in the results. 
Through our dealer distribution network you have your partners on the ground, the best advice, support and "after-sale service" guarantees. Of course you can also contact our consultancy and service team at any time with help and advice. 
A price comparison among really equivalent and comparable products gives you the assurance that you are using HOLZSTAR® purchase a product that stands up to any comparison in ease of use, features, quality, technology and price / performance and the right purchase for you. 
Kilian Stürmer 

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