JSC "Molodechnensky Machine Tool Plant"

JSC "Molodechnensky Machine Tool Plant" - one of the oldest machine tool industry in the production of vertical drilling machines. Machine-Tool Plant in quite difficult conditions trying to keep major.
The plant began its development from 29 April 1947, as a foundry-mechanical and housed in a former seminary, releasing the first years of simple products. Since 1957, the company switched to the production of more sophisticated products: Potato gearboxes, complex parts for farm machinery. Since January 1958 the plant became known as Molodechno Machine Tool Plant, received the task to specialize in the production of drilling machines. Since 1961, became commercially produced duplex, trehshpindelnye and then universal vertical drilling machines, special purpose machines (balancing, centering-scoring), nut-tapping and threading and semiautomatic machines, lathes and others. In the 90 years mastered the production of equipment for service and gears for agricultural machinery.


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