MEUSELWITZ GUSS Eisengießerei GmbH

Today, MEUSELWITZ GUSS produces castings with a high dimensional accuracy and surface quality using the Furan resin moulding method for pieces with a weight of up to 80t per piece with the help of state-of-the-art foundry systems in a hand-moulding and large-scale moulding plant. During the years from 1993 until 2010 EUR 62 million were invested in the modernization and expansion of the hand-moulding plant. We provide consultancy services to our customers as early as during the design stage so that they can dimension their constructional elements optimally for the casting process. Casting of the individual parts in accordance with the directives and inspection specifications of the working group Qualitätsguss e.V. [Quality casting, reg. ass.] ensures a high quality for our customers. FERROCAST® is the brand name for casting products produced and distributed by foundries which are members of ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT QUALITÄTSGUSS. These castings are labelled with a cast-on Q.

360 qualified and motivated members of staff ensure a production volume of 46 000 t and sales to the amount of EUR 100 million per year.

Furthermore, we coordinate processing of your cast parts into finished parts, modules and finished products which can be assembled for you.

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