HOLZKRAFT Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen (Stürmer Maschinen GmbH)

HOLZKRAFT woodworking machines - Partner of crafts! 
You make the highest demands on the quality of your woodworking machines. 
But the economy is an equally important factor for you. 
HOLZKRAFT® Mini Max, HOLZKRAFT® Tecnomax and HOLZKRAFT® Formula and HOLZKRAFT® Casadei woodworking machines are manufactured by SCM Group in Italy. The SCM Group is one of the world's largest manufacturers of woodworking machinery and manufacturing for over 50 years for industry, trade and professional handyman. 
SCM is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 result, the machines 
designed so already in development to meet maximum operating safety according to the highest international standards. 
40,000 woodworking machines from the wood-fired power Tecno Max and joinery standard machines are manufactured annually. 
Each of these machines is subjected to careful quality control. The material, design and one hundred percent final checks will give you the confidence to purchase a machine of the highest quality that can compete with any genuine quality and value comparison and saves the value of your woodworking machine for decades. 
The HOLZKRAFT® woodworking machine program is a useful supplement, also with a high quality standard of carefully selected quality-conscious manufacturers. 
Through our dealer distribution network you have your partners on the ground, the best advice, support and "after-sale service" guarantees. Of course you can also contact our service team at any time with help and advice. 
A price comparison among really equivalent and comparable products gives you the certainty that at HOLZKRAFT® you purchase a product that stands comparison in ease of use, in equipment, quality, technology and value and the right purchase for you.

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