LITOSTROJ POTISJE Ltd. We are pleased to present the heavy machine producer company Litostroj Potisje Ltd., which has been with you for almost a whole lifetime with you, and since November 2007 it became a member of Litostroj Group. Today Litostroj Potisje a manufacturer of heavy duty lathes and CNC turning lathes, CNC turning machine, custom CNC machining, universal lathe, universal CNC lathe, universal turning machine, turning lathes machine and it is a manufacturer of castings made of gray and nodular cast iron.

TRADITION is a guarantee of Quality LITOSTROJ POTISJE has 90 years of tradition in the development of lathes. Since its foundation in year 1921 it has developed many various types of lathes and other special machines and tools. Experience gained by manufacturing heavy duty lathes, flexible processing of cells, sixspindled machines and CNC lathes, has been integrated into the production program of conventional and CNC lathe performance which makes the processing (machining) of heavy workpieces from 1000kg by up to 20000kg possible. 

Cooperation between companies with manufacturers of lathes- Morando (1962) and GILDEMEISTER (1970) has brought series of improvements in quality and has enriched the experience and strengthened market position. All of our products are of top quality and provide our customers with the best possible accuracy and performance Our company works closely with its customers in order to develop and implement new specific solutions which result in cost-effective production and customer satisfaction which is the generator of experiences of employees, the engine of our growth and the spindle of our tradition.

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