The mission of the Toyota Tsusho Group is to continually address ever-changing needs, develop new business models and continue offering unprecedented added value to contribute to the creation of an enriched society.

The world economy and social structure is now entering a period of profound transformation. Conversely, I believe that these transformative periods harbor many business opportunities. The difficult business environment also provides a prime growth opportunity for our human resources, which are the greatest asset to drive the future growth of Toyota Tsusho.

During the past over sixty years, Toyota Tsusho has faced many economic downturns, including the two oil shocks, the high-yen recession, the collapse of Japan's economic "bubble," and the Asian currency crisis. Time and again, we have rode out each crisis with the support of our strong partners like our customers, business partners, and shareholders.

Going forward, we will bring together our high aspirations, open-mindedness, and passion for excellence as well as our tough-minded spirit and initiative to develop businesses that give first priority to the needs of customers and society at large, as we work to achieve sustained growth in a challenging business environment.

We remain committed to harnessing teamwork as we strive to achieve our ambitions and share the rewards with all our stakeholders, while making every effort to become a company that is invaluable to society.

Finally, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all stakeholders for their longstanding support and understanding of Toyota Tsusho's values. I look forward to your continued support and advice in the years ahead.

Jun Karube, President & CEO

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