ALUP Kompressoren GmbH

The ALUP Kompressoren name stands for both tradition and a strong sense of commitment towards its customers. The company's success story began in a small mechanical workshop in 1923 in Köngen near Stuttgart, Germany. 



In the beginning, ALUP manufactured air pumps for car tires and from this activity the company derived its name Auto-LUft-Pumpen. Soon afterwards, the company developed the first mobile and stationary range of high quality industrial piston compressors. 



ALUP introduced screw compressor technology in 1980 developing a full range of machines from 2,2 to 400 kW. Innovation and reliability quickly enhanced the reputation of the company with the name of ALUP soon becoming synonymous with quality and service in the compressed air industry. 



Our company is highly flexible and can react quickly to individual customer requirements as well as being competent partners in advising and supporting our customers worldwide. Our compressed air systems and solutions are manufactured to the highest quality standards and benefit from state-of-the-art research and development technology, therefore they provide an optimized, energy efficient and cost effective solutions to suit the individual needs of the most demanding customers.
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