Köster & Co. GmbH

Being one of the leading suppliers of welding studs and stud welding technology, KÖCO is your trusted partner with long-term experience – the partner you can always count on.

Skilled staff will always be at your side, all the way from the initial consultation to the applicational support on site. Latest technology guarantees to put your requirements into practice  -  precisely and on schedule.

Thus, optimum, economical and application-oriented solutions accrue and support you to advance your projects.
Even in case of individual, local particularities KÖCO will realize a solution which is tailored to your  needs.
Our production, comprising widespread quality inspection and testing, guarantees the required safety for you.

Being a partner to our customers, you can rely on us – now and in future.
In everything we do, one question is always on the back of our minds: “How can we offer you an additional benefit and support your regarding your processes and efficiency?”

A cooperation based on partnership and your contentment is our ultimate ambition.

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