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custo med - innovation, quality and reliability

For many years now, custo med GmbH has been one of the leading suppliers of cardiopulmonary diagnostics. The company has established itself as a market leader in Germany, for example with computer-aided diagnosis systems, leaving considerably behind its competitors. Our name stands for innovation, quality and reliability, also on an international basis.
Since the company was founded, custo med’s goal has always been to provide customers with the highest quality in order to establish and maintain long-lasting business relations. With its products for the medical sector, our company takes a particular responsibility. The success of medical therapies based on diagnosis essentially depends on the quality of our products.
custo med GmbH combines state-of-the-art production and development processes with many years of experience in the field of cardiopulmonary diagnostics. This applies to the complete development and manufacturing process of our products. Thanks to the close cooperation between our engineers and the users from hospitals and practices, we are able to draft requirement profiles which characterise each development process decisively.
Our experience in development and production processes constitutes the basis and precondition for the functionality and further development of our equipment, in line with market conditions.


Continuity is another essential characteristic of custo med’s philosophy. In each country, we are working together with a network of exclusive distributors on a long-term basis.

In order to keep their qualification as custo med exclusive distributors the employees of these companies have to attend two trainings per year at custo med GmbH successfully. This ensures our customers professional consulting services based on the latest technology.


Our brand inspires innovation in cardiovascular diagnostics and efficient data flows in your IT environment. A committed team and competent sales and service partners take care of smooth workflows for you and your employees. We are able to respond flexibly to your organisational needs and requirements. All necessary steps, the preparation of the patient, data transfer from the devices and report generation are made available on each computer monitor in the network.

No matter if your installation is working on a single-user workstation or on a laptop, in a small PC network or in a large hospital - your custo med solution will be a profitable investment for the future. 
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