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What is Tiresonic?

Tiresonic is a portmanteau composed of the words TIRE (American tire) composed and SONIC for ultrasound. 
The Tiresonic is an ultrasonic wheel washer for the workshop requirement. 

How Tiresonic works?

Wheels are cleaned in an ultrasonic water bath. This method is gentle for sensitive rims, but still works very thoroughly - even in fine structures. 

Environmentally friendly and energy saving

The Tiresonic ultrasonic method is an innovative high-tech cleaning for residue-free removal of dirt rim surfaces to the smallest column. 
The patented technology of rotary cleans the wheels of imploding cavitation bubbles trillion by waiving aggressive chemicals and mechanical accessories. 
In Tiresonic cleaning bath microprocessor-controlled piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers produce microscopic bubbles in the interior of microseconds for an extreme vacuum at high temperatures arises. In the subsequent implosion amounts of energy are released, the edit as an attack of trillions of micro wipers the cleaning. 
The materials and environmentally friendly cleaning technology binds the dissolved particles of dust, requires no mechanical additions or distressing chemicals and is an active contribution to environmental protection. 

What does Tiresonic?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the results of Tiresonic. 
Left you see each wheel before cleaning and right after purification by Tiresonic. 

Reinigungsergebnis 1

Reinigungsergebnis 2

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