PRO-TEC: Solutions for success, For 30 years, PRO- TEC has been a global supplier of engine oils, cleaning, care and service products to car manufacturers, forwarders, transport and industrial companies. In addition to care products for the inside and outside of cars and trucks, technical equipment and aerosols, altthe products of PRO-TEC are suited, most of all, for sustainable cleaning of system cycles such as engine oil circulation, the fuel and the cooling systems. The benefit of these products is paid back instantly in cash terms:

lower fuel consumption
smoother engine run
fewer repairs

Simplest application and instant effect are what our customers the world over makes enthusiastic about these products anew every day. By careful elimination of contamination and resins formed in the systems during operation the combustion process is optimized and the engine performs better throughout its life cycle. The associated lower fuel consumption and the reduced exhaust volume reduce the stress on the environment, make engine or plant operation more reliable and economical.

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