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WashTec company profile

With the experience gained over more than 50 years, WashTec develops innovative solutions for the high-quality, cost-effective cleaning of vehicles.


Laying claim to what is by far the largest installed machine basis in Europe, along with a complete product portfolio and its own area-wide service network with more than 600 of its own service engineers, WashTec is the market leader in terms of innovation and profit in the car wash industry. A comprehensive product range, our high-quality production and our consistent customer orientation combine to make WashTec the leading partner in the carwash business.


To make sure that we retain our position as market leaders in the future too, we have focussed our company consistently on the requirements of the future:



The expertise of a market leader

WashTec company profile

WashTec is the leading manufacturer of vehicle washing systems. Our broadly based experience, gained over many years, is the basis for our success:

  • We can look back on more than 50 years of experience in developing car washes.
  • In the 2011 financial year, the WashTec Group achieved a turnover of € 293.3 million in 65 countries, with around 1,600 employees. 
  • WashTec is represented with its own subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe and by independent sales partners in around 65 countries.
  • WashTec is more than twice as big as its nearest competitor.
  • Some 35,000 plus WashTec systems are installed in Europe.
  • Every day more than 2,000,000 vehicles are cleaned using WashTec systems.

Benefit from unbeatable extensive competence in the development, production, maintenance and operation of innovative washing technology.


The most comprehensive range worldwide

WashTec company profile

Today, WashTec offers the world's most comprehensive product and solution portfolio for the cleaning of vehicles:

  • Extensive range of gantry car washes for the most diverse purposes
  • Modular automatic car wash systems for all performance and size requirements
  • State-of-the-art self-service technology for self-service vehicle cleaning
  • Powerful commercial vehicle wash facilities
  • Efficient water treatment plants
  • Financial services
  • Car care chemicals
  • Fast and efficient customer service
  • Marketing support


WashTec provides the right product for any requirement - all from one source.


Technologically leading products

WashTec company profile

WashTec has established itself as the leading company for cleaning systems worldwide. With a wide range of products of the highest technological quality, we are able to keep on demonstrating our particular innovative strengths:

  • ACS – the Advanced Chemical System has revolutionised the replacement of cleaning and care products in gantry car washes. This exceptionally operator-friendly chemical refill concept features an innovative cartridge system and is a quick, safe and clean alternative to the conventional cumbersome method of handling chemicals at the car wash.
  • SoftCare® Juno washes and dries a car in 2 1/2 minutes, which makes it the fastest gantry car wash in the world at the moment.
  • Our patented linear technology for car wash tunnels allows higher operational capacities with the same high standard of cleaning.
  • The innovate SofTecs® washing material washes particularly gently and leaves no friction marks on vehicle paintwork.
  • The company's own research and development department is working constantly on the search for innovative solutions, assisted by successful high-tech companies such as Siemens and Deutsche Telekom.

With WashTec, you're ideally equipped to face the challenges of the future.


Consistently focussing on customer requirements

WashTec company profile

We know that different companies have different needs. That's why we have consistently focussed our range of products and services on the specific requirements of our customers. In this way, we can provide each target group with the right product. Our customers include companies from the following sectors:

  • Global petroleum companies
  • Medium-sized petroleum and petrol station companies
  • Public transport companies, haulage firms and travel companies
  • Car manufacturers, car dealers and vehicle workshops
  • Supermarket chains and large trading companies
  • Independent operators of car wash companies
  • Car rental companies


With us, every customer is in good hands - guaranteed.


Close to our international markets with an expert service network

WashTec company profile

WashTec is represented today in many key markets with its own subsidiaries or through independent sales partners. Our unique combination of market experience, leading-edge technology and first-class service guarantees that we can meet the different requirements of all our customers.

  • Our factory-trained fitters provide the same consistently high level of service in around 65 countries.
  • Our service organisation with more than 600 of our own service engineers and 300 engineers with our sales partners ensures availability rates of over 98%.
  • From a wide selection of services, you can choose the level of support that you require, from simple maintenance to our Allround Carefree Package.

We can thus ensure that your system is available for use at all times.


Special high-quality manufacture

WashTec company profile

It's not only our products that are characterised by tried and tested solutions and innovative technologies; our manufacturing facilities also combine experience with high-tech:

  • Our production sites are located in Augsburg, Recklinghausen and Grebenau for AUWA-Chemie (Germany), in Denver (USA), in Nyrany/Pilsen (Czech Republic) and in Tinglin near Shanghai (China).
  • Modern production facilities and innovative production technology go to ensure outstanding quality and maximum productivity.

You can benefit from the many years of experience of our skilled employees.


At home in Germany

WashTec company profile

The WashTec Group is based in Augsburg. With our close-knit international sales network, we are represented locally in our markets:

  • 14 subsidiaries and independent sales partners in around 65 countries worldwide sell and service WashTec products.
  • With a share of sales of around 35%, Germany is the core market.
  • 3 sales and service subsidiaries cover Germany and ensure short response times, letting us quickly get someone out to the customer.
  • Major customers are supported directly by key account managers.


You stand to benefit from our proximity to the market in particular.

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