Company activity - production and sale of woodworking machinery. 

  We offer sawmill own production, as well as other деревообрабатывающееоборудование: Otsilindrovochnye machines Altai, equipment for agriculture, trimming machines. This is the products of LLC "Energotekh" For almost 12 years, comes a rather large number of our clients in the Altai region and the neighboring regions. 

Ltd. "Energotekh" produces woodworking machines mark "Altai-3" .Stanki Altai proven themselves in the market as a reliable, high-performance, fully meet all requests. 

More than just a manufacturer and supplier of Altai, but the developer of sawmills, our company offers a truly favorable conditions for the sale of woodworking machinery, and its after-sales service. 

Any sawmill you decide to purchase from us meets all requirements for the performance of a modern woodworking equipment. Constantly improving the production, as well as the development of new models of sawmills and upgrading old, our specialists strive to satisfy all the demands that may be brought to the modern business woodworking machines. 

We continually work with all our customers, allowing us to - to respond quickly to any of your problems, and you - to get reliable service, and detailed information on all the new models and modifications of sawmills, developed by OOO "Energotekh." 

On our site are all sawmill and woodworking machinery Altaysobstvennogo production. After examining the specifications of sawmills, you can easily select the most optimal for the model, expand or start a business, one way or another associated with the operation of woodworking machinery 

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