Nihon Kohden is Japan's leading manufacturer and provider of medical electronic equipment. We are the number one supplier to Japan and one of the leaders in the world.

With annual sales topping one billion dollars, Nihon Kohden is one of the top 100 companies in the world that sell medical equipment, and one of the top 10 companies that specialize in medical devices.

Nihon Kohden intends to keep growing as a leading medical electronic equipment company.

  • We will develop innovative products based on our engineering specialty, the human-machine interface.
  • We will continue to develop competitive, high quality products in our core market areas.
  • We will use our strong distribution network and experience in medical equipment to expand into a wider range of markets. We will also expand into future applications of medical products such as outer space research, geriatrics, home health care, medical information technology, and human genomic analysis.

Nihon Kohden is a publicly held company listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (Block 10 "Electrical Machinery")

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