Today, "Kamsky Beach - Stankostroy" is one of the leading manufacturers of wood and grinding equipment in Russia and CIS countries. Geography of deliveries of equipment in Russia - from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. We regularly supply equipment to Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 

Opportunities for our company allow full development cycle of equipment - from concept to production part. At each stage of the design and manufacture of each machine is an absolute priority for the quality of the produced equipment. We do our best to ensure that our customers receive reliable and convenient tool for conducting their business. 

Our company specializes in the following categories of equipment: 

1 Machines for a wooden house (round logs, profiled bar). In our product range - a full range of equipment. 

2 Disk lumbering. We produce many variants of sawmills, and brusovalnyh multirip disk tools - from simple to full industrial sawmill sawmill complex on the basis of heavy squared transmission type. 

3 Sharpening and grinding machines. Machine tools for sharpening the long knives, sharpening of circular saws, grinding machines skate sharpening machines for profile knives occupy an important position in our nomenclature. 

Company "Kama-Stankostroy Beach" is a member of the "Association of organizations and enterprises of woodworking engineering" DREVMASH ", which is a member of the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers" Eumabois "(" Yumabua "). 

Each product before transmission to the customer are fully tested. We conduct customer training, organize a start-up, constantly monitoring all the comments and suggestions of our customers and eliminate the disadvantages of machine tools, machines adapt to the different requirements of customers. 

We always keep in friendly contact with our customers, constantly helping them with the development and production of additional equipment. We value the opinions of our customers, many of whom are our long-term partners.

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