Rofin is divided into the following three areas: 
The MACRO area focuses on industrial material processing with high-power lasers and delivers CO2, fiber, and various solid-state q-switched laser. These are used for welding and cutting applications as well as for surface finishing. 
The MICRO range includes pulsed YAG, fiber and CO2 laser offers laser solutions for micromachining (fine welding, fine cutting, patterning, drilling and perforation). 
The MARKING area with fiber, diode-pumped lasers, CO2 lasers and laser marking systems covers a wide range of applications in laser marking from (engraving, annealing marking for medical microelectronics, micromechanics, automotive, packaging, luxury goods industry, etc.). 
Today, the laser is an indispensable tool for many industrial applications for processing various materials. The continuous technological progress, the flexibility, speed and quality of its work ensure the laser important advantages over other traditional technologies of material processing.

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