Buhrs BV

Buhrs is a leading worldwide provider of mailing and fulfilment solutions. The company develops, manufactures, sells and services systems for poly & paper wrapping and fulfilment.

Buhrs systems prepare media products, such as magazines, newspapers, documents, direct mail products, books, videos, compact discs and cards, for distribution. Buhrs systems perform the following functions: collating of products (in- and onserting), addressing (inkjet or label), wrapping of products (in poly or paper), back-end sorting and stacking of products.

Buhrs provides software solutions for database connections, read and print, closed loop, integrated systems control, production management and mailroom management. Buhrs systems can be equipped with reading and verification devices, such as bar code scanners, OMR readers and cameras.

Buhrs is partner to postal organisations, publishers, printers, binders, mailing houses, letter shops, banks, service bureaus, insurance companies, fulfilment companies and many other companies ranging from medium-sized to leading businesses.

With a large installed base Buhrs is well-established and proud of its reputation for quality and reliability.

Headquartered in Zaandam - The Netherlands, Buhrs has a network of subsidiaries in the United States of America, Japan and China as well as industry-qualified distributors to provide global coverage.

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