Planatol Holding GmbH (Planax)


The Planatol Group is one of the leading suppliers around the world for machines for the printing industry as well as adhesives, adhesive applications and tapes for a wide range of industries. Mechanical bonding is increasingly being replaced by adhesive bonding, making production processes cleaner, quicker and more economical. Our experience of many years enables us to be a market leader for intelligent adhesive applications in specialised niche markets.

Our research and development lab is continually providing new solutions for innovative applications tailored to our customers' processes and products. We support high-speed gluing processes and can also provide solutions for complex adhesive bonding challenges. Our combined chemical and mechanical engineering knowhow helps achieve high synergy effects and a valuable knowledge transfer.

Planatol Adhesive

High-quality adhesives for perfect binding, fold gluing, coating, pressure-sensitive and PUR adhesive bondings

Planatol System

Our fold-gluing systems for rotary printing are groundbreaking in speed and precision.

Planatol Coating

Binding machines, bookbinding materials, coating, adhesive ribbons and glue dots

Biolink Tape Solutions

High-performance solvent-free adhesive tapes, films and foils, according to your specification

Gämmerler GmbH

Systems and machinery for inline-finishing such as trimmers, compensating stackers, log stackers, conveying systems and palletizing robots

Wetzel Adhesive Solutions

Specialized adhesives for the woodworking and packing industries

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