SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.

Reinforcing Core Technologies, Pursuing Open Innovation and Enhancing Long-Term Corporate Value


In October 1, 2014, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. made a fresh start as SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. Under the new corporate structure, we will further reinforce our core technologies developed through our involvement in both the printing and electronics industries and pursue open innovation. We will thereby build on a platform for sustainable growth and consistently high earnings.


SCREEN has developed core technologies centered on photolithography. By always thinking about new applications for these technologies, we are able to consistently meet evolving demand. This growth model reflects the Company’s management philosophy of “the pursuit of new ideas and fields” and, I believe, the way in which we seek to contribute to society.


As our business environment is changing considerably, and the need to transition to a business structure that can respond to such changes is pressing. It is precisely because of these circumstances that we will maintain the Company’s legacy of responding to evolving demand by adapting and reinforcing our areas of strength and creating new businesses for growth in a speedy manner. Going forward, I ask for the continued support and confidence of all our stakeholders.

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