Weihai Hamada Printing Press Co. Ltd.

Company Building


  Weihai Hamada Printing Press Co. Ltd. (WHPPC) has been running for 10 years. It was founded in Feb. 23, 1995 and formally opened in Sept. 1st, 1995 as the 1st Sino-Japanese printing press joint venture in China. The Japanese investor is Hamada Printing Press Co. Ltd. who has 80 years printing press manufacturing history. The Chinese investor is the old brand printing press manufacture Weihai Printing Press Factory.

  WHPPC will supply customers not only advanced technology and products but also super grade service. WHPPC will contribute to Chinese printing development and prospering economy.


  WHPPC continuously introduced manufacturing technology suitable for market in the last 10 years. Beside WH30, WH47 and WH66 offset duplicator manufacturing technology, WHPPC introduced Superb47 Series offset duplicator project on Feb. 20, 2002 and B52 Series offset duplicator project on Feb. 20, 2003. These advanced projects expanded WHPPC’s product family and prepared its further development.

  At present WHPPC is being at the leading position among small-size offset duplicator trade in China. All of Chinese printing companies consider WHPPC’s products as the top quality.

  Due to the intense competition in small-size offset duplicator market WHPPC has changed its major product from small-size model (WH30, WH47 series) to middle-size and multi-color (WH66 series, model 252, model 452) in order to realize product composition adjustment, meet the market requirement of multi-color and high speed and seek further development of the company.

  WHPPC’s marketing is based on domestic and looking for international as well. WHPPC’s products are selling to all domestic area and exported to Japan, Korea, Russia, Indonesia, south America etc. In the future WHPPC will keep on the strategy of taking domestic market as the major and internal as the assistant to serve customers all around the world.


  Compared with competitors WHPPC has the following superiority:

  ·Advanced Technology. All of WHPPC’s technology is introduced from Japan. It is advanced and shortened the period of new product development.

  ·WHPPC has introduced advanced EPR system in 2001. It manages company’s production, purchasing and sales effectively. So that all resource of the company can be operated efficiently and be controlled in real time, integrated and optimized. This makes the company more creative and competitive.

  · Reliable Quality. WHPPC’s product has the top quality among domestic at present. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality assurance system approval and been running it strictly making product high quality guaranteed and upgraded.

  · Comprehensive Service. WHPPC’s service has been changed from after-sale to fore-sale, during-sale and after-sale whole procedure service. WHPPC won customers trust by technical training, exhibition show, installation guide, after-sale service, tour service and so on.

4  Creative Quality Assurance System

  WHPPC has always been paying attention on quality assurance and insisting “customers are the most important” in product development, manufacturing, sales and service.

  WHPPC’s quality policy is “to improve product quality and service continuously in order to win customer’s trust and satisfaction”.

  WHPPC’s employees are trained of having quality consciousness by posters, daily meeting and monthly meeting etc. WHPPC has set up an institutionalized and scientific quality assurance system and launched internal inspection, external inspection, management inspection and customer satisfaction investment to realize quality policy and target and to improve product quality and service.

  WHPPC started to setup the quality assurance system according to ISO9002 and got the approval in Jun 1996. In 2001 WHPPC started to transfer the quality assurance system to ISO9001: 2000 and got the approval in Sept. 2002.


  WHPPC has imported 9 CNC, 3 numerical control laths, 3 numerical control grinding machines, 5 numerical control milling machines, 1 CMM to enhance manufacturing ability. WHPPC invites Japanese specialists to do service for the equipment every year. Over 98% of the equipments are kept in good condition so that the quality of the parts is guaranteed.

6  Strict Management

  WHPPC uses computer network to manage production, cost, sales, quality control and stock. Different departments communicate each other through the network efficiently. In Apr. 2001 WHPPC introduced more advanced ERP management project from Bejing Kaisi Software Company and substituted the old one. The management system controls all procedures on the product-manufacturing link and analyses key issues such as product quality, market diversification, customer’s satisfaction, achievement and so on to realize low cost and high efficiency.

  WHPPC is concentrated on setting up and operating scientific budget system. All departments connect their plan with the budget system. An annual budget is divided into 6 sectors: Sales, production, management, capital, profit and loss, permanent assets and equipment investment. The sales forecast is the key sector. All of the other sectors depend on it. Based on sales forecast manufacturing department draws up the production budget and accounting department draws up the capital budget. Different sectors link together. Blindly productivity expansion and row material purchasing activities are avoided. The capital turnaround speed is quickened and its application efficiency is raised. So that all of the sectors are in the best disposition state such as production, sales, management, capital, profit and loss and reproduction. The capital is being a beneficial cycle.

  The most important management of a company is human management. By the introduced management consulting project WHPPC implements achievement examination system. All employees work for company hardly.

  WHPPC started to renovate the environment in Dec. 2002. After the renovation WHPPC takes on an entirely new aspect. In 2003 WHPPC set up the 5S carrying forward committee in order to maintain the beautiful environment and enhance employee’s quality.

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