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KAS Entrance

KAS Paper Systems is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of envelope and polywrap enclosing machines and print finishing equipment.

Founded in the 1950's the company has established an extensive list of clients including banks and building societies, insurance companies and utilities, schools and universities, printers and mailing houses, central and local government.


In the UK we sell directly to our clients and provide after sales service with our own highly trained service engineers.


We also export our products around the world through a network of distributors.

Based in Bedfordshire, England we have a reputation for innovation whether for new product design or the developing of our tailor made solutions within the fields of inserting machines and print finishing equipment.

We design and manufacture our own products at our purpose built facility in Dunstable. Not only assembling the machines but manufacturing many of the components to help ensure control over the quality of the finished article, leading to greater reliability as well as durability.

Demo Room

Demonstration Room

Our UK Head Office in Dunstable features a purpose designed demonstration room in which all our machines and operating software can be viewed and demonstrated.

Customers are welcome to visit this site to see any of our machines in operation.

You can also bring along and test your own sample mailings to see just how effective our machines are in meeting your particular operational needs.


The demonstration room has a number of different configurations available to ensure that the appropriate mailing, print finishing, addressing or polywrapping equipment is set up, to demonstrate the equipment and features of interest to you. 

Manufacturing Site

As Dunstable is also our manufacturing site, a visit will also enable you to learn more about our quality manufacturing facilities and precision engineering processes.  

To book a demonstration, please contact our sales department on +44 (0)1582 662211 or use the email response form on the Contact Us page of this site

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