GOMAD Sp. z o.o.

Wood Machine Factory GOMAD was founded in 1952. Since 2003, it's a company, which employes 90 best specialists, engineers and technicians. In the 90-ties we started to produce special processing machines (oriented for tasks) which we are still developing.

In 1996 we constructed first in Poland numerically controlled CNC processing machine. In 2004 we launched the production of excellent automatic drilling machines of high efficiency. Many of our products are exported to USA, Belgium, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Lithua, Latvia and Belarus.

It proves our leading position among the domestic producers of processing machines and shows customer's appreciation from around the world.

Our machines have certificates of compatibility with Polish and European norms of security B i CE and they annualy take part in prestigious exhibitions and fairs all over the world.

GOMAD offers: lower- and upper-spindle moulding machines, one-sided multispindle drilling machines, double- and triple-sided drilling automatic machines, driller-moulders, circular sawing machines, tenoners, CNC moulders, thicknessers and special processing machines, designed especially for indyvidual clients. Our every product is characterized by perfect quality, highly advanced technologies, reliability and friendly use.

Our longstanding experience and ongoing observations of world's trends allows us to make the processing machines of the highest class, destined to constant work and being competitive for many companies from around the world.

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