Italpresse S.p.A.

ITALPRESSE S.p.A. headquartered in Bagnatica (Bergamo), Italy, has been serving the woodworking industry for more than 40 years.
ITALPRESSE is today the largest Italian manufacturer of presses for the woodworking industry and among the first in the world, both in sales volume and the number of presses delivered.
Italpresse sales continue to grow, confirming the success and reliability of our products. ITALPRESSE's ability to provide solutions to even the most complicated problems is well known throughout the market.
Our attention to detail, stringent quality control, product innovation, design capabilities and up-dated production equipment make ITALPRESSE the right partner for both big companies as well as small woodworking shops.

ITALPRESSE has two divisions, operating on distinct markets with different products:

An INDUSTRIAL DIVISION, that manufactures, sells and services presses and pressing lines for the wood, plastic and metal industry.
The industrial division is active worldwide, through a sales and service network that includes subsidiaries, agents, distributors.

TRADE DIVISION, that sells and services woodworking machines of well known international brands. The trade division is active mainly in Europe, through distributors and agents.

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