Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. KG

Technology and science have resulted in all areas of life changing.

The methodology of the mortar preparation and application has changed significantly. The machine became the tool of today.

The task of Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. KG is to implement the findings of science and research in machine products of the highest quality. Therefore, the PFT guiding principle which states:


PFT G 4 - mixing pump No.1 worldwide!

The inventors of the mechanical single-layer gypsum plastering technique, Dr. Alfons Knauf and Karl Knauf, laid in the 70 years the foundation of the modern era in which PFT. It was founded a successful and growing company PFT, which today has its headquarters in Iphofen near Würzburg, in 1972nd

Dynamics and solidarity, combined with entrepreneurial vision, led the PFT to the top European Mischpumpen- and conveyor manufacturer. Eccentric screw pumps, continuous mixers, tools and accessories PFT's product range is rounded. PFT machine technology is successfully used throughout the construction sector and in industry.

Dr. Alfons Knauf - Karl Knauf

Foundation for success is the consistent involvement and training of efficient dealers region-wide service network, both on a national and international level. Excellent customer service is the focus in the partnership PFT distribution strategy.

A PFT customer does not have to go very far, as a rule, to achieve a technically experienced PFT trading partners, a model for this industry service network density that sets new standards. 150 sales and service stations and a motivated field service team take care of what comes first in PFT's vision of performance: growth and success of the customer.

Internationally PFT one of the assets of the construction industry. In more than 40 countries, the Franconian company exports its quality products. Even in remote regions is the expert care of the customer at the center: The products are sold through authorized PFT partners for construction machines and branch offices.

However, PFT is also a symbol for the quick modern construction site with a future - human, saving, efficient, silent, waste-free and environmentally friendly. Through sophisticated technology, economical operation and top quality "Made in Germany", the PFT system in a continuous development and improvement. The objective is a continuous and trouble-free material flow on all construction sites.

Performance and ability to inspire our customers. This motivates us constantly to ensure future for the flow of things.

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