IMER International SpA

IMER Group is a deep-rooted trademark, a single identity that gathers a plurality of companies established over a 40-years period. A single trademark conceived with the intent to create, consolidate and convey to all the sense of belonging to one single Group.

The basic element of the company image is the traditional logo consisting of three rotating "i"'s, which now symbolise the integration of the three Companies that are pivotal to the Group.

The IMER trademark is present and registered in more than 70 markets.

The strength of team work and the efficacy of industrial and commercial synergies converge in the new IMER Group common identity, where the distinctive competences of the single companies grow and create an added value to tackle future challenges.

esperienzaExperience and technological innovation
More than 40 years' experience in the construction sector provides the operator with the best choice of technical solutions to match his needs.

focus sul clienteFocus on the customer
From designing through production, from sales to the after sales service, all the Group's activity aims at customer satisfaction and fidelisation.

qualità prodottiQuality of the products
Products are marketed after severe controls complying with a certified ISO 9001 procedure, performed throughout the production process, starting from raw materials and purchased components through the final testing of the machines.

sicurezza operatoreOperator's safety
With an ever-attentive eye on operator's safety in the worldwide job-sites, IMER Group manufactures all its products in full compliance with the relevant EU Machinery Directive.

rispetto ambienteRespect for the environment
The constant improvements of the production processes, packaging and implementation of environment policies ensure the respect of the balance between industrial development and environmental protection.

strategia globaleThe Company's global strategy
The aim of developing an international Group leads to a strategy of diffusion of the Group's products and its trademark in the worldwide markets.

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