Chang Yi Machinery

Chang Yi Machinery located in any county in Hebei Xingtai City Xing Bay industrial zone, the introduction of advanced production equipment, first-class production technology, layers of strict control, the quality of products in the first place, always seeking good quality, good service! Products: mortar spraying machine, fast mortar spraying machine, putty mortar spraying machine, steel straightening machine, steel hoop bending machine and other construction machinery. Products from the market after the good response by the majority of customers, products sold throughout the country.
     Over the years we adhere to the "quality first, service first, around the needs and constant innovation", close to the customer needs, and create high-tech products, and achieved good social and economic benefits.
Company philosophy: create industry-leading, creating first-class talents, committed to domestic first-class, first-class showcase environmentally friendly.
        Chang Yi spirit: solidarity, work and strong, to revitalize the East, industry serve the country.
        Oriental: hard work, realistic development.
        Zhichang: Masato n-hexyl, play by the rules; to strict Zhichang, leading first; employees foul, in charge of the responsibility.
        Quality objectives: allow users to rigorous assessment of the technical parameters, use the pass rate of 99.99%
        Motto: - first, of faith, good people, good things.
        Style of service: customer first, satisfaction first, today, do something today, ready to do the next thing.
        Brand awareness: Market share is the sole criterion for testing.
        Intangible assets: East Fang Changyi wealth - the user, friends.
        Services: the user in my heart, in my service action; capital markets, allowing users to score.
        Pledge: lifelong tracking service, lifetime supply of Premium Series accessories.
        Service concept: make friends, love Tianyi sea; thanks to the world division, as always Christians. Happy to serve you!

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