Deutsche Fördertechnik Tim & Werner Dutschmann GbR

Since 2006, the German conveyor technology manufacturer of self-developed machines. In particular, we devote ourselves to the range cleaning machines, mixing pumps and feed pumps. We manufacture exclusively at our site in Bautzen, which means that all our products are made ​​in Germany, even made ​​in Saxony. As a medium sized manufacturing company, we place great emphasis on quality and a solid especially practical technology.
An energy-efficient operation and optimization of handling, transportation logistics and power are doing as development criteria in the foreground. Looking for new solutions developed practical step by step new innovative technical solutions for cleaning and conveying. Result of this development work is our UMP 1 machine series, the successful construction sites at home and abroad is used for many years.
Whether as a mixing pump for dry mortar, as a feed pump for wet products, for the cleaning, coating, bonding, potting, filling, for compression or for the area of geothermal energy, with the machines of the UMP are 1 series to realize many applications. From A to Z reinforcing mortar cement screed, the spectrum of the processable materials is large and growing almost daily continuously.
Motor power, 400 V or 230 V operation, like both, ecological building our Lehmputzmaschine L-Power or various special applications - we have the right technical solutions for almost every application.
Technology geared to the needs of the construction, developed with a lot of expertise, innovative thinking and many years of practical experience, this is our UMP 1 machine concept - baustarke technology made ​​in Germany.

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