Uelzener Maschinen GmbH

  • UELZENER was already founded as machine factory in 1883. Originally starting with tailor made machines UELZENER developed and distributed since 1953 plastering machines, mortar pumps and screed pumps as well as special machines for the mining industry and the refractory sector.
    Our trade marks PUTZKNECHT, ESTROMAT, UELMAT are known all over the world and stand for innovation, quality, reliability and high technical development.


  • The slogan: "UELZENER – competent in mixing and conveying" means a high demand in and shows our special competence. 
    The UELZENER performance starts with the idea and is experienced right through to their sales and services. Besides their own production UELZENER is also using the most modern production technology of qualified suppliers.


  • The world-wide distribution is realized with the long lasting and amicable co-operation with reliable partners with the goal of customers consultations and services. This requires a high degree of flexibility to adjust to customer's requests and to fulfil them. 
    UELZENER as middle-class enterprise with world-wide customer services and reliable partner dealers in each region and abroad provide customer proximity and services.


  • More than forty-years of experience in mixing and conveying of mortar, plaster, screed and other thick matters is inserted in each product in conformity with the specific requirements of the customer.


  • The goal of UELZENER is to belong to the best of their field. Well educated as well as motivated employees form the success of the company by high engagement, quality thinking, efficiency and community spirit.

  • We achieve this by innovation, consequent use of most modern technology, customer proximity, high delivery readiness and an optimal price performance ratio. 
    UELZNER see their future in type relative innovative machine technique by using all possibilities for the development of new markets and applications.


  • As traditional enterprise with a high demand in the quality, performance and economic efficiency of their products UELZENER are pursuing the principle of optimum customer benefit.


  • UELZENER want to be the reliable partner for demanding customers all over the world.


  • Own ideas, construction and many years experience in manufacturing mortar processing machines and practically oriented trials are the guarantee of the UELZENER technology.
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