Euro Shatal ApS

Shatal Engineering Ltd., Founded in 1962, is a producer of lightweight, high-quality construction equipment. All products are manufactured using advanced manufacturing techniques, and finally coated with a special epoxy resin.
The entire production process, from selection of raw materials, manufacturing,
final inspection and delivery logistics are monitored by the quality control strictly according to ISO9001 standards to ensure a high standard. The quality of the products is underpinned by compliance with all CE standards once again.
These high-quality products are available worldwide after Shatal Engineering Ltd.. exported to over 30 countries. Deliveries are made at the factory or by the respective offices in Denmark, Germany or India.
The construction industry makes high demands on technology and personnel. Therefore, the products are conceptually created so that the operation and maintenance is simple, takes into consideration the health of users and also robust and will be handled reliably, all tasks.

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