• Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) presented a vote of confidence in the German Bundestag and loses as expected.
  • The Bayern Munich was German football champions
  • Fernando Alonso was with Renault Formula 1 World Champion
  • The company LVG Hartham GmbH with the Lable LUMAG was founded.

The philosophy of LUMAG is as simple as it is effective. Make top quality construction equipment also for "beginners and hobbyists" accessible to what has been clearly demonstrated and with the launch of vibratory plates in the DIY sector.

Our goal is to improve our products for the consumer and on, without compromising on the price, in-depth expertise and continuous developments and strong partners are the foundations of our performance and thus lead to new innovative products, so GF Manfred Weißenhorner ,

With subsidiaries and partners throughout Europe LUMAG offers a comprehensive service.

We do not put a dime in advertising, but worth every penny in innovation.

Quality meets price, then LUMAG can best be described.

Lumag in Kirchdorf am Inn - Bavaria

Lumag machines in Kirchdorf am Inn - Bavaria

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