Jining Changqing Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Jining City Evergreen mining machine limited liability company (formerly Jining City Central Evergreen mine Factory) was established in June 18, 1982, is a starting point for the development of mining machinery, research and development, manufacturing, sales of integrated machinery manufacturing enterprises. The company has a strong capital strength, strong research and development capabilities, familiar operational capacity, improve superb technical support capabilities, personalized customer service capabilities, as well as strong sales ability.

Evergreen staff mining machine is not only highly educated and rich experience, and has endless creativity and teamwork as one of cohesion, adhering to the "walk the talk, do not say; only recognize the credit does not recognize the elbow grease , self-discipline and lenient towards others; the courage to take personal responsibility for hard work; endless pursuit of excellence, "the evergreen spirit, dedicated commitment to providing high-quality coal mine machinery products and services, and create first-class products for the coal industry, together with the coal industry to promote the vigorous development of China's coal industry.

Evergreen mining machine on November 1, 2002 for the restructuring of the joint-stock Co., Ltd., has become the largest city in Jining coal mining machinery industry of private enterprises, but also in addition to the state-owned coal mining machinery industry, but in Jining City, the largest manufacturing enterprises.

Evergreen goal is to become China mining machine, one of the largest coal mining enterprise scale machinery and mining machinery is committed to creating high-quality products, evergreen mining machine founded since the beginning has been hard for this goal.

Main products: turnout, to coal, Reject system (cars climbing machine dumper discharge refuse rack turned gangue car), hydraulic integration operation of vehicle equipment (safety door cradle pusher car stop hydraulic drive system electronic control system ), electronically controlled hydraulic (roadway) picking machines (crawler wheel).

Face the challenges of changing market demands and endless, evergreen mining machine adhere to the "all coal mining enterprises needs as the starting point" for the purpose of continuing to provide high-quality products for coal mining enterprises for the development of China's coal industry to make a positive contribution.

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