Berg & Schmid GmbH

The company - 
Innovative sawing technology for industry and crafts 

Behind our name is a privately owned company based in Remseck, Baden-Württemberg. Founded in the early hours of the economic miracle, Berg & Schmid was conducted over several generations by the Schmid family. In 2007, Stefan Schmid handed over the company and the scepter of Hans-Peter Sebald Sebald grinding wheels (, a proven expert cutting technology. Our products are used worldwide and are mainly in Germany and sold in Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. 


Range of services and our strengths 

Our portfolio includes band saw machines and circular saws, of the workshop machine with powerful production saws, through to high performance fully automatic and can be found wherever availability, efficiency, running smoothness and durability are required. 

Our intention is to reduce your electricity costs. To this end, we develop and provide highly efficient cutting and sawing machines with drive systems. 

More cutting power with less energy consumption! Hereinafter program we present many of our technology and quality features of our products, to enable you to extensive product information. 

We have nothing to hide! 

Partnership with Berg & Schmid 

The strength of the partnership with Berg & Schmid is the high reliability of its products, the flexibility of the company and the Extensive know-how of small to large saws. This, we employ due to the fact us for over 50 years with metal-sawing machines. The satisfaction of our customers and their claims demanded our innovations for ever larger projects, which gave us more and more reference customers. Today, we are "The Partner" for workshop and large-scale industry, which are the relevant requirements of the technological needs of the art for the Baustellensäge up to the massive sawing machine for large-scale industry well known and this both in the metal light alloy and stainless steel range. 

Our product range is divided into two areas 

The master-Line program offers high-quality finish and metal saws equipped for craft and fabric companies and repair shops in industrial companies. Our saws can be used for their design and quality components for both solid material and profile material alike. 

The Industrial Program (our main program) provides industry-Hochleistungssägemaschinen, which are built due to their design for multi-shift operations. In addition, these machines are designed so that even at the highest cutting performance minimal wear parts are needed, what your average cost is reduced. 

Basically, we pay particular judgment in the selection and design of the saws for maximum performance in the area of ​​blade tension, precision cut quality and feed the material transport, the reproducibility of the aforementioned features, smooth running, longer tool life, ease of use, ergonomics and safety. 

We offer a tailor-made to your requirement technical and commercial solution. For this, we are in the technology area with an extensive range, with planning, design, project planning, implementation and service from one source and in the area of commercial rent for lease to purchase available. 

Corporate philosophy and environmental protection 

Customer satisfaction, customer value and employee satisfaction are the measure of our actions. We see these three stakeholders as a team with the same claim, namely, "Quality results from the proper and respectful coexistence, given the project requirements and technical possibilities". We place value on our products especially smoothness, ergonomics, simplicity, availability of service and of course on life for machine and tool. 

This also means environmental protection for us. Practical applicability and usability of machine tool and signify long life and minimum wear need for tools; This saves resources and protects the environment. Environmental protection concerns us even further, we also use recycled paper, pencils and fabric bags and you are exceptionally long with spare parts for our machines.

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