Zhigao Kongyaji shandong peisong zhongxin

Qingdao Kerry Cheung Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in excavation, open-air, DTH, full hydraulic top hammer drills; rock drill, DTH drilling; piston, application research and development of screw air compressor, a professional body production, sales and service . Over the years, the agent Pescod boring products, Chigo company adhering heavy detail, seeking efficient, casting quality, a future business objectives, hydraulic drilling industry to build into the most complete varieties, the most abundant species of the well-known series of screw compressor business . Companies with high aspirations, perseverance, the world, to win the world's courage, with a good team spirit expand, prestigious in the industry. Chi is an advanced manufacturing base in Zhejiang Province, China crawler drills open industry standards one of the units, with full hydraulic drilling industry projects included in the national Torch Program. The company has a production capacity of considerable size, with the domestic first-class processing, assembly, testing, spraying line. Complete spectrum of products, many varieties, have their own competitive products, DTH drill boring car series and mobile screw compressor series in the leading domestic counterparts. Companies will always give top priority to technological innovation, investment in research and development expenses accounted for a high, has 43 patents, made a number of scientific and technological achievements, mobile screw air compressors, and other products were Provincial Science and Technology Bureau and the Commission granted by letter Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Science and Technology Industrial new products and new product title, the company developed its own full hydraulic drilling by the National Commission by letter was included in 2010 as China's equipment manufacturing industry focus areas of the first (set) products, and the National Science and Technology National Torch Plan. The company will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation unlimited Pescod tunneling pioneer philosophy, technology-driven, quality of life and services for the purpose, to provide our clients with quality products, active service.

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