The Meaning Behind the Brand Discover Challenge Create Propose

We have four corporate colors, each of which has its own name and significance.


  • - Aichi Yellow – Discover
    Aichi Yellow signifies the positive action of searching for and discovering problems independently.
  • - Aichi Red – Challenge
    Aichi Red represents the idea of rising to the challenge with passion and commitment.
  • - Aichi Green – Create
    Aichi Green stands for the creation of a pleasant work site environment.
  • - Aichi Blue – Propose
    Aichi Blue represents the proposal of plans and ideas for an affluent future.

These four colors combine to express the concept of each one of us pulling together and working as a team to deliver results.

We at Aichi Corporation have worked closely with our customers since the founding of the company in 1962 to develop and popularize mechanization and innovation in electrics, telecommunications, construction and other infrastructure related industries, with the goal of improving the efficiency and safety of those involved.

One example of such innovation is our digger derrick. This machine has automated pole construction, which had previously been a demanding and inefficient process conducted by manpower alone. Another example is our promotion of aerial work platforms which have eliminated the need to climb power poles or use scaffolding, and have contributed to a great reduction in electrocution- and fall-related accidents.

Our efforts do not stop at providing machinery to work sites. We seek to go further, viewing the working environment from the customer’s perspective and providing solutions in work site and management issues. It is with such vision that we have developed our Life Cycle Support System.

Through the whole life cycle of our machinery, from its introduction and usage to its renewal, we do our utmost to ensure work sites are comfortable, efficient and cost effective, providing the maximum satisfaction to our customers.

Our goal is to go from being the number one company for aerial work platforms to the only one of its kind, forging a lifetime partnership with our clients, who can expect nothing less than the best from us.

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