Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Heesemann sanding machines are well-known worldwide for their excellent sanding results, reliable mechanical engineering, economic mode of operation and efficient service. The machines are assembled individually for the fields of application for solid wood, veneer and lacquer using well adapted machine solutions out of a flexible modular system. In addition to wood composites we also provide solutions for processing metal and synthetic material.

Heesemann sanding machines are made both for high-quality handicraft and to meet the requirements of industrial production. A Heesemann works as a single workplace solution just as well as when it is an integrated component of a production line with a higher-ranking control system. Thus it is totally irrelevant how high the production volume is supposed to be - the modular set-up of the Heesemann sanders allows individual adaptation of all sanders to meet the customer's needs. Highly productive machines for the sophisticated interior component craftsmen and interior fitting therefore offer efficient sanding solutions at reasonable prices to companies with a low production volume as well.

For a constantly high manufacturing quality Heesemann fulfils important quality standards like DIN ISO 9001 certification. A worldwide organized dealer network and local sales and service locations provide respective contact persons and guarantee short communication channels and efficient service.

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