Hangzhou West Lake Drilling Machine Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou West Lake Drilling Machine Co.,Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of drilling presses, milling/drilling machines and tapping machines in China, which was established fifty years ago and has been always on the top of quality, production and varieties in the field of bench drills in China.
   With brand“Westlake ” ,our products have been served for international market since 1956.You may find them widely used in different fields around the country and more than 60 countries/areas worldwide at present. Westlake is one of the most famous trademark among China machine and electric products for exportation, enjoying a high reputation by all customers both domestically and overseas.
  Equipped with a R&D center, Metrology and test center, we have advanced product and test equipment such as CNC, Composite Machine Tool, Coordinate Measuring Machine and laser interferometer etc. Our company is experienced and strong in product design and manufacture, in constant pursue of advanced technology and continuous development of CNC. Currently we are supplying three series of Westlake drilling machines, Westlake Precision Machine and Westlake compact-sized CNC with more than one hundred types of products.

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