BURKHARDT+WEBER Fertigungssysteme GmbH

We have been producing machine tools at our Reutlingen site since 1888. 
Today, some 250 employees continue the long tradition of making high-precision machine tools. Our strong, motivated team guarantees first-class machine quality.

On-going training and the use of modern CAD and ERP systems safeguard our technological lead. We are open to ideas and suggestions from our numerous customers all over the world. Suggestions for improvement and special requirements are implemented immediately. BW machines are made under the premise of respecting the environment and saving energy.We manufacture
to the very latest standards.

BURKHARDT+WEBER belongs to Brazil's largest machine tool manufacturer, Indústrias Romi SA. With over 2 000 employees, Romi builds more than 3 000 turning, milling and heavy-duty cutting machines per year and has its own foundry for producing series and individual castings. Just like BURKHARDT+WEBER, Romi has a very high degree of vertical integration and develops all its machine tools according to the latest technical insights.  

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