Walter Blombach GmbH (Wabeco)


In 1885 founded Walter Blombach, the great-grandfather of today's owner Birgit Lennartz, in Klausen at Remscheid a file cutting as a family. The distribution of these products to many countries took place in the 19th century about Remscheid, Hamburg and Bremen exporters. Around the turn of the century the first electric Feilhaumaschinen and a blacksmith's hammer were purchased. Until the First World War, the business was good. But then the children and all the workers were drafted into military service. Nevertheless succeeded Walter Blombach continue the company alone over the wartime away and to get!




In 1922 the sons of Max, Fritz and Eugene took over the family business. From now on, the company was called "Walter Blombach and sons". Inflation and unemployment, many setbacks had to be plugged. Despite everything, the production program was expanded. For the first time in 1928 Vices for hobbyists and home improvement were made. The second world war did not pass without the company. Co-owner Max Blombach had meanwhile left the company to start their own business! Again almost all employees were drafted into military service. So the owner Fritz and Eugen Blombach were left on their own. It remained to them only a few employees, but stopped at this difficult time loyal to the company.



From 1951 led Fritz Blombach with his son Werner, the company "Richard Blombach" on. Eugen Blombach founded with his two sons Max and Walter the company "Walter Blombach & Co." whose logo "WABECO" has now become world famous. The production program was expanded enormously. Additional items such Feilkloben, screwdriver, spirit levels, clamps, special knives, anvils and much of Klausen find out the way to European countries and overseas.



1954 a new company was created in Klausen, the later an office building has been added.



In 1961, a branch factory in Neuerburg, Bitburg was built in an existing building. The entire production was moved to Neuerburg. In 1966, the new building will be inaugurated for administration and sales in Remscheid. In 1969 a new production facility with paint, metal, foundry, training workshop, mold, etc. built in Neuerburg on the station premises.


In 1970 a new vice from very light, new, shatterproof and impact-resistant material, placed on the market "Simalit 70". "Simalit 70" was developed in cooperation with renowned steel plants.


1973 presented at the Hardware Fair in Cologne, the first WABECO lathe. The product range is constantly expanding. Article as drill, boring and milling machines, miter saws, band saws, wet grinder, disc sander, separation rack, sharpeners are newly developed and marketed.


In 1980, the first WABECO milling machines in series production.


1987, the first WABECO CNC presented at the Hardware Fair in Cologne in cooperation with the University of Oldenburg lathe.


1989 milling machines to be developed for CNC milling machines. Powerful controls and user-friendly software are developed in-house or taken into the program.


The WABECO machines are constantly being developed and improved. Today it is possible WABECO CNC lathes and milling machines to a flexible manufacturing cell to concatenate, ie rotary parts are removed lathe by a robot from the clamping device of the CNC and clamped in the clamping means of the CNC milling machine to perform drilling or milling operation.


WABECO has established itself as transmission manufacturers in cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies a good name. The range includes all the equipment for drilling and cutting in concrete.

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