ADAMIK Company is a family company with a long tradition. Its history dates back to 1989 when founder Ing. Karel Adamík followed in the foosteps of his father and began to run carpentry with his friend. Their first products were different living room furniture as well as large chess pieces.

They faced the problem with dust in the workshop like many other carpenters. Here was born the idea of dust collector which would solve the problem. Development of first dust collector began in the garage of Mr. Karel Adamik. The device was working well and the team decided to make more units. Today it is more than 20 years since Mr. Karel Adamik engaged in the design and manufacturing of dust collectors.

In 2005 ADAMIK Company introduced the world unique product - portable edge banding machine at the Ligna + exhibition in Hannover, Germany. Edgebanders are still one of the key products of ADAMIK Company which are distributed worldwide.

In the same year the company began to develop new technology- vacuum presses, which in the Czech Republic had no competition. A year later the product was introduced on the market.

The key success points are the quality and service for the products offer.

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