Mahe Gerätebau GmbH

Mahe Gerätebau GmbH is a member of the Mahe Electronics Group, an innovative modern and flexible company, with its headquarters based in Kreuztal Germany. Producing a full range of latest generation digital welding inverters for industrial use. All products are designed and manufactured in house with our own R&D and I.T departments working on the latest generation of intelligent solutions.
Our Mission 
1. To be the world leader in the design and manufacture of welding inverters. 
2. To surpass the quality and standards required by our customers. 
3. To work in partnership with our customers. 
4. To invest in our workforce so they can achieve and surpass the highest standards required. 
5. To take care of the environment.
All products are built with ease of use and set-up in mind; with simple and easy adjustment steps, the down time for set-up is vastly reduced. 
The new modular system facility allows simple and inexpensive upgrades to existing mig inverters. This system is fitted to compact and the tower line as well as the MPS and MMS. 
Our sycon software allows easy changes to synergic programs as well as easy software up-dates to existing programs.

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