Borovichi woodworking machines Plant Ltd.

in 1894 as a handicraft workshop for the production of cast iron products for household purposes. By 1930, the company began to produce textile and knitting equipment, and by the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the factory has become a powerful engineering company, which employed more than 1,500 people. At the beginning of the war, along with all the equipment was evacuated in the Vladimir region, and in the empty body translates one of the mechanical plants of Leningrad, where production is organized for the front. For labor achievements in the years of the Great Patriotic War, 63 employees of the plant were awarded with diplomas, 96 people - medals "For valorous work".

Immediately after the war Borovichsky ZDS launches woodworking equipment for construction companies, as well as equipment for the local industry. During the period from 1946 to 1960, the plant produced 81 model equipment of varying complexity and production areas have increased by 1/3. In 1963 - 1964 years the factory started the production of four-sided planing machines for wood, and since 1969 - the release of automatic lines, special machines and loose equipment for the production of window and door units. Many of the machines that were released in that period, still working at the enterprises of the former USSR. Almost all models of machines have been created and developed by the factory designers. Some of them after development were transferred to other plants.

To increase the output of woodworking equipment in the 60-70-ies made technological reconstruction and technical re-equipment shops, outdated equipment is replaced by more productive.

Borovichi Plant woodworking machines - participant of international exhibitions "Lesdrevmash-73", "Lesdrevmash-79" in Moscow, many exhibitions abroad, where he was repeatedly awarded with diplomas and medals. The plant's products were exported to 16 countries. In the early 80-ies in the factory created a new range of four-sided planing machines, including machines S25-4 models S25-5, S16-1A, S16-2A and in the perestroika years, the company became the Russian leader in the production of woodworking machinery. In 1995 and 1996, production of the plant has been awarded the European golden prize for quality.

Currently Borovichsky woodworking machinery plant produces a wide range of four-sided planer woodworking equipment for molded products of various purpose (of the floorboard to house-building timber). Machine models S25-5A, C16-42, S16-51, C25-4AM characterized by high performance, rapid ROI, reliability, advanced design and modern appearance. In 2001, the plant started production of a new machine shestishpindelny S26-61 with built Jointner on the calipers.

During the plant several times changed its name and restructuring. In 2005, all rights to the production and sale of four-milling machines as well as spare parts acquired Ltd. "Borovichi Plant woodworking machines", located on the premises of JSC "Borovichi Plant" Polimermash "at the address: 174411 Borovichi Novgorod region,. str. Okulovskaya 12. This also was transported the required equipment, all technical documentation. the most skilled workers and engineers also went to work in the company "BZDS".

During this time the company "BZDS" participated in many exhibitions and has received well-deserved awards: Silver Medal Exhibition in Vologda, exhibitions diplomas in Novosibirsk and Petrozavodsk, Perm and Yekaterinburg.

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