Founded in Italy in g.Alfonsin in 1899, MARINI company began production of bicycles and motorcycles.

In the 20s of the 20th century the company Marini played an important role in establishing the road construction industry, improving industrial purpose engines and using them to work on road maintenance. In the late 20s the company has registered 33 patents.

In the 30 years the company developed new markets, both in Italy and abroad. With the development of new technologies the company began to produce plants for the pro-duction of bitumen emulsion and dryers with internal blades for drying fine gravel.

In the 60 years the company has developed a model-ABZ manufacturer of 120 tons per hour, and in the 70th schebneraspredeliteli, pavers and planers first. 80 appeared nvaya technology recycling asphalt concrete. In the 90 it was designed ABZ continuous countercurrent.

Since 1988, it became part of the French group FAYAT GROUP of companies headquartered in Bordeaux (France).

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